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Spoony B spin dem disks!

Get Down Motherfuckers!

Spoony B
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Hello music lovers.................

Spoony B is in da house!

Feel free to post any lyrics you wish from songs. No poems and put the title of the song. Always credit the artist please. Love you and goodnight.

alabama 3, alice in chains, all saints, aqua, arab strap, art garfunkel, babes in toyland, benny hill, bergman/legrand, bing crosby, bjork, blur, bombalurina, buggles, cannibal corpse, cb4, christian death, circ, coh, coil, cookie monster, counting crows, crystal gayle, dangermouse, david bowie, david essex, dead kennedys, dead or alive, death in june, destiny’s child, die krupps, disturbed, divine comedy, dr evil, einsturzende neubauten, elvis presley, europe, fat les, frank sinatra, gary numan, ghostbusters, go cat go, golden boy, goo goo dolls, gravediggaz, hank williams iii, happy mondays, hole, homer simpson, horrorpops, huggy bear, ice-t, inkubus sukkubus, inxs, isaac hayes, japan, jefferson airplane, jesus christ superstar, johnny cash, kate bush, kermit the frog, kieran, kmfdm, k’s choice, lard, lawnmower deth, legendary pink dots, leonard bernstein, leonard cohen, little shop of horrors, lord rockingham's xi, louis armstrong, maceo parker, mallory knox, manowar, maria mckee, marvin gaye, megadeath, miranda sex garden, mr blobby, my bloody valentine, my little pony, ned's atomic dustbin, nekromantix, new model army, nick cave, nicole blackman, nina simone, nwa, onyx, peter andre, pigface, pinky and the brain, pj harvey, pop will eat itself, portishead, prefab sprout, prick, pulp, queen, radiohead, rawhide, recoil, rentaghost, reverand horton heat, revolting cocks, shampoo, shellac, siouxsie & the banshees, sisqo, smashing pumpkins, soft cell, soggy bottom boys, sporty thieves, steps, steve winwood, take that, the beatles, the church, the clash, the count, the cure, the darkness, the firm, the lemonheads, the macclads, the pixies, the proclaimers, the sisters of mercy, the smiths, the stone roses, the streets, the sultans of ping, the village people, the wannadies, the wildhearts, the wurzels, they might be giants, tom jones, tom waites, tony bennet, tool, transformers, vixen, weird al yankovic, yello